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Wondering What To Do On Father’s Day?

2024’s Fathers’ Day marks seven years of spending Father’s Day with the fondest memories of my father. The best memories I have of my late father are of the moment we sat and talked at length in depth. These were times he confessed to me that the best moment of his entire life, was when he first heard me cry.

Since he had focused more on his studies he had married late thus having me, his eldest daughter later in his years. The world had assumed that he was unable to have children until I arrived and he held me in his arms. We talked about this on the Father’s Day of the year 2014.

This day will forever be imprinted in my mind.

I had chosen to take my father to join my father for a drink at his favourite local pub. It was the last Father’s Day we spent together, talking. A year later he fell ill and succumbed in 2017.

Father’s Day has always brought back this nostalgic memory. This day calls for thoughts on what I would have done better in 2014, given a chance. Don’t let Father’s Day of 2024 pass without celebrating yourself as a father, or giving your father a treat of his lifetime.

Tomorrow is never promised. Here are a few tips on what to do for you or your father on Father’s Day in 2024:


Any sophisticated but fun-loving father would love to go out for


  1. Jazz Night in Nairobi City


Nairobi City Night Life will make any father feel loved and appreciated. Many international hotels offer stellar services. The highlight for most fathers is usually Jazz nights. The following hotels have amazing Jazz nights that your father will never forget.

The Tribe Hotel – The Jiko restaurant and bar is stylish, contemporary, and plays awesome Jazz.

The Hemmingway’s – This is an elegant brasserie-style restaurant called The Brasserie. It has the finest dining places and a sophisticated ambience

The Sarova Stanely – This is a historic hotel. The Thorn Tree Café plays beautiful Jazz and brings amazing Jazz artists.

The Villa Rosa Kempinski – This is the epitome of class and Sophistication. It has several joints and you can always ask for Jazz artists of your liking.

These are just a few of the hotels that will give your father a great Father’s Day experience.


  1. Go for a Live Band

Fathers love music. My own loved the Congolese Rhumba Music and he would dance the whole night in a live performance. Good beer, a great band playing in the background, a splash of beauties and eye candy for the old man, will add him life and vitality. Bring him back to his hay days before you were born, and see the old man crack with fun and pleasure.

If you are throwing yourself a moment, then you know what is best for you. Go to your favourite joint, try out a new bar, club or a live band joint of your favourite music and jiggle away. Father’s Day comes only once, you know…


  1. Golf Day Out

Kenya has the best Golf Courses in Africa. They are classy and have international standards. Kenya’s topography makes it possible to have vast golf courses.

Come Travel Kenya has outlined a few international standards golf courses that have featured in the 18hole championships for you to sample out. Fathers will love spending time on a golf course on Father’s Day.

  • Karen Country Club – Karen Country Club is in Nairobi. It is historic and extremely prestigious. It has a beautiful scenic environment and the 18hole course is so lash. Any father will enjoy being in Karen County Club.
  • Muthaiga Golf Club – This is still in Nairobi. Muthaiga is simply picturesque. It has a rich colonial history with a touch of the West. Muthaiga has hosted international golf tournaments. Father’s Day will be awesome playing Golf here.
  • Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club – this is a great place to spend Father’s Day. It is a whole package: bar, restaurant, and golf Course. You get to spend a night or two in the deluxe suites available.
  • Nyali Golf and Country Club – Mombasa is an awesome place to be for fathers. It is a laid-back town with lots of things to do. Nyali Golf Club oozes class and Prestige. A father will enjoy time on the beaches and play golf in the sun. Come Travel Kenya will arrange for you.
  • Great Rift Valley Lodge – Naivasha is an extremely posh place to be. The golf course has a beautiful scenic view, and a serene environment, and a father gets to enjoy game meat.
  • Vipingo Ridge Kilifi – Prestigious place to be. The coast never disappoints. This is an 18-hole scenic but challenging layout. Every man loves a great challenge, right?



  1. Father’s Day Safari


Has your dad been to any of the Kenyan Game parks? Kenya is loaded with a vast range of national Parks and Conservancies. You probably know about Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Nairobi National Park, and many others.

There are also other small intimate parks that you can explore with your Dad. If Your dad is travelling alone, Come Travel Kenya will organize an itinerary of Safari events.

A safari comes with:

  • Extreme jungle adventure- no man will not be thrilled by the live roar of a lion. Spark that animalistic nature inside you.
  • Camping -test of endurance and rib roasting. Your dad will be glad to show off his barbecue prowess.
  • Safe hunting – some parks allow safe hunting and animal citing
  • Horseback Safari in the Maasai Mara. This is an event of a lifetime.
  • Nature trails
  • Hiking


  1. Father’s Day Choma Extravaganza

nyama choma

Which father doesn’t enjoy seasonal Nyama Choma? Kenya is known across Africa for its sizzling Barbecue. If you are looking for a place to munch on juicy roast ribs and wash them down with cold beer, then Kenya is your place to be.

In Nairobi City, juicy game meat is served at the Carnivore Hotel, located at the heart of the city, near the Nairobi National Park.

Naivasha has never been a disappointment when it comes to Grill Cuisines. Narok and Kajiado are the best in serving dripping ribs. Come Travel Kenya will send you to the best hotels for the best experiences this Father’s Day.


  1. Men’s Camp Night


Camping is a thrilling adventure for all genders. When was the last time you went camping with your father? Come Travel Kenya will help you organize a camping spree in various parks and conservancies all over the country. A vast game park like Tsavo will give you and your daddy the best experience.

Mountain Hiking and Camping on top of Mount Kenya is also an experience worth your time. This day wants a lot of meaningful and insightful fun. Hiking and Camping by a Glacier Lake on top of Mount Kenya on Father’s Day is a textbook experience.



  1. Great Rift Road Trip

road trip

Father’s Day presents an opportunity to hit the road and burn tires. The Road Not Taken is always the Best. Come Travel Kenya will arrange a 3-day road trip through the Great Rift Valley, all the way from Nairobi to The depths of Turkana, around Baringo, Kajiado, and Laikipia. This is worth it.

The Landscapes, the beautiful weather, crossing the Equator, and swimming in Lakes will make Father’s Day perfect for a father of any age. You will cover hundreds of Kilometers, experience various cultures and take in sights that you will keep for the rest of your life.

Should we be discussing this Road trip? Come Travel Kenya has vehicles fit for the trip and will organize your stay in various towns as you traverse the Great Rift.


  1. Western Kenya

western kenya

This is a trip a father will appreciate on Father’s Day. It starts with a thrilling tour of the Kakamega Forest. The adrenaline! We are talking about waking up to the bird songs and the hissing of snakes. The Jungle experience is real in the Kakamega forest.

Later, joining the great people of Kakamega in a thrilling bullfighting contest, and dancing to the Isukuti is fun for any man. The bulls are usually a sight to behold: huge and fierce, frothing and breathing fire.

The Highlight is a drive to Kisumu, where you may choose to take a boat to an island on Lake Victoria. Come Travel Kenya will organize a stay on Rusinga Island or any other of your choice. Lake Victoria also gives you a chance to watch the mighty hippos bask in the sun at Kiboko Bay.

Western Kenya is a solid place that any father would enjoy spending time at.


  1. Countryside Daddy Treats


Let us talk of Nakuru, Njoro, Nanyuki, Laikipia, and Kitale. This is the most beautiful countryside. If you are a City Daddy or you want to take your father on a city break, then Come Travel Kenya will organize a Countryside Trip for you.

Countryside towns are less populated with sunny and beautiful landscapes. My favorite Countryside town is Nyahururu. It is a small town, with historical Lodges built on the edges of Thomson Waterfalls. The waterfalls are lined with an intricate nature trail that gives this intimate interaction with nature.

Give Come Travel Kenya a Call and give Daddy a break from Sky Scrapers on Father’s Day.


  1. Basking in the Coastal Sun

the coast

If the old man loves life, cold drinks, and beaches, then The Kenyan Coast is the perfect place. Resting at a beach hotel in Malindi, receiving a good pampering, and sipping on frozen Tamarind juice might be perfect for an old man.

Is Daddy a lover of history? Then Coastal Kenya is loaded with Tons of historical sites with beautiful cultural stories that will leave him informed and entertained. Talk of the Lamu Old Town, Fort Jesus, and The Vasco Da Gama, amongst others.

The Coast is the ultimate prize for any special person in anyone’s life.

As Father’s Day approaches, Come Travel Kenya allows you to honour the remarkable men who have dedicated themselves to the journey of fatherhood. So, will you go for a heartfelt conversation into the night through camping or will you play golf?


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