Karura Forest

Here Are A Few Things You Should Know About Karura Forest

The Late Professor Wangari Mathai is one of the many reasons why Karura Forest is an iconic destination in Kenya. She fought tooth and nail to ensure that the forest is what it is now. Professor Mathai won the Nobel Prize for her efforts to conserve this forest.

You can take a hike, enjoy the beautiful serene environment, and even picnic here.

Come Travel Kenya has lined up activities for you to do at Karura Forest. Karura Forest serves you extreme adventure and fun, at pocket-friendly rates.

Here are some things that you should know as you plan your Karura Hike:


Karura Forest is Home to Over 200 Bird Species

kaura forest

If Bird watching is your favorite activity, then Karura Forest is the place to be. Do you have your list of various hawks and eagles that you have yet to see? Then come cross them off the list at Karura Forest. Here, there is ample space and bird-watching spots.

You will get to watch birds, marvel at the majesty of eagles, and listen to the sweet toots of owls and soothing tweets of weaverbirds.


You Will Get to See many Bush Animals


Monkeys, Bush babies, Suni, Harvey’s Bushbucks, Duikers, and Bush pigs among others. The biodiversity of Karura Forest is beyond this world.

The small animals are in plenty and you could bump into the big ones as well. Enjoy a trek with a mission to spot as many animals as possible.


Come Travel Kenya Will Give You a Local Guide During The Hike

Karura Forest

At the gates of Karura Forest, you can buy maps and trek guides. However, having a local guide to take you on the hike is a plus. They will give you the history of the forest. They will direct you to the most scenic places for a maximum experience.


The Charges at the Gates are very affordable


There are three entry points at Karura Forest. One is on Kiambu Road, another on Limuru Road, and one opposite Sharks Palace. At the gate, you will be required to pay some amount before you are allowed in the forest.

Come Travel Kenya has devised a method that gives you a full package where you pay once for the entry fees, packed lunch, water, the hiking map, and the guide’s services.

Come Travel Kenya also gives your local transport to help you maneuver in the forest, to and from the forest. This makes your trip easy and trek more organized.


The Best Time to Visit Karura Forest is on the Week Days

Karura forest

On weekends, Karura Forest is usually packed because all city dwellers run there to restore their serenity after a week of urban jungle mania. The weekends and holidays draw people to the forest. You will have to line up at the waterfall to take a picture. The birds disappear when there are too many people in the forest.

Try to take your hike during weekdays and you will reap the maximum serenity there is in the forest. The birds will be there and some animals will come out of the holes for you to see them. You will not scramble for picnicking places as well. Come Travel Kenya will ensure your hike is fun and full of unique experiences, should you consider having a weekday hike.


The Waterfall in Karura Forest is the Most Scenic Spot


Karura Waterfall has always been the ultimate place in the forest. The orange-gushing waters when it rains and the clear whispering falls when it is dry are both remarkable sights. It is the best spot for photography in the forest. You can have your picnic in a place that overlooks the waterfall.


Karura Forest is a Vast Forest


The forest sits on approximately 1,800 acres of land on one side and another over 1000 acres on the other side. Thirty-six percent of the entire forest is made up of indigenous trees. Some are as old as over 100 years. The geographical location of Karura, just outside Nairobi City is quite remarkable. The hiking treks go from stretches of 5 km to around 50 km to allow cycling and horse riding. Those who walk can walk for a maximum of 10 km.


You can be involved in planting trees in Karura Forest

karura forest

When was the last time you interacted with nature and even touched soil? The Karura Forest Community Association gives you a chance to leave a mark after or before your hike. You can be a friend of the forest by planting a tree. What do you say to this? Should we plan a hiking trip for you to plant a tree in Karura and have your name pegged to it?


Check out the packages offered by Come Travel Kenya and have us plan a hike, cycling, horse riding, picnicking, and birdwatching for you in Karura Forest. It will be an experience of your life.

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