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10 Most Important Travel, Safari And Touring Tips For People With Disabilities

Writer: Emily Wekulo


Disability should never be the reason someone stays behind when others are going on a vacation. Even with a disability, it is possible to enjoy a safari or a tour with proper planning. Whether you are travelling alone or in the company of family and friends, the information below will help you have a fluid trip and enjoy it to the maximum.


Always Have A Credible And Experienced Travel Agency To Handle Your Tour

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With or without disability, engaging a Travel Agency makes your trip smooth. It could be slightly more expensive than planning your trip but it is worthwhile. A Travel Agency will do the necessary background checks for you. They will also advise appropriately on the trip itinerary. A Travel Agency knows the destination and will pick out the most convenient tour destinations and accommodations.

Call your Travel Agency before you take on a trip. Clearly explain your condition and state what you will need to be comfortable on the trip. Ensure they can confirm and prove that what you need for your stay during the vacation is available before embarking on the trip.

Come Travel Kenya has ensured to employ staff who know about handling diverse people. The agency is also in touch with the most favourable tour destinations in Kenya. At Travel Kenya, we are cognizant of the various needs and we ensure that special ones are handled with uttermost precision and care.

You will not have to worry about your mobility, interactions and convenience once you plan your trip with Come Travel Kenya. This applies to both people travelling with a disability and those in the company of persons with disability.


Call Your Airline And Seek Clarity


It is important to know how the airline you have chosen to use will handle your situation. Find out if they have facilities that you can use.

Ask them if they are willing to make some adjustments to accommodate you. If you are using a wheelchair, it will be to find out if they can have it on board, if you will have someone to help with the movement and so on. This is especially important if you are travelling alone.

During the flight, keep track of your equipment. Ensure they are accessible in case you need in the course of the flight. Before landing, remind the attendant to have your equipment brought to the gate.

Only take on the trip with the airline in question after a satisfactory explanation of your welfare and comfort.


Pack Properly For Your Trip


This could take days.  Start packing early, using a list of everything that you need during your stay away from home. Don’t assume that you will buy anything at your destination. Quality and prices vary from one country to the other.

It is important to prioritize your most essential equipment like wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, medication, clothing, and prosthetics among others.

Besides your regular travel documents, consider packing your medical reports, doctor’s notes, and contacts in case there will be a need for them to be contacted on your behalf during your vacation.


Pick Your Vacation Destinations Carefully


You can always do a background check on your preferred destination before embarking on the trip. Not all countries have policies that protect people with disabilities. You will have to be sure that your destination is a country that will take care of your welfare.

Also, talk to your Travel Agent to clarify every facility that they are planning to host you in and if those facilities, be it hotels, parks or lodges have disability policies and facilities. Specify your needs so that your Travel Agent can arrange a proper reception and stay for you.

Come Travel Kenya is your listening, professional Travel Agency that will make your stay count.


Ensure Your Travel Medical Insurance Is Up To Date

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Do you have a medical cover concerning your condition? Ensure that it is up to date and you have information on how you will be handled in case of an emergency while in a different country. Check if there are hospitals listed on your cover in your country of destination.  Also, confirm if the cover includes medical evacuation.

Knowing that you will be medically taken care of should anything happen to you while on vacation is a relief and will help you have peace of mind. This way you will enjoy your trip.


Plan An Itinerary That Is Convenient For You


With the help of your Travel Agent, plan an itinerary that works for you and fits into your condition.

You probably have energetic mornings and slow afternoons due to the medication you take. Advise your Travel Agent on the times for rigorous activities and the appropriate time for cooling down activities.

Also, ask for the options available and pick the most appropriate for you. You may not be able to swim in the ocean, but you can enjoy the scenic views on a beach. State clearly if you will be okay in private places or crowded places.


Plan Your Ground Movement


Still, with your Travel Agent, work out modalities on how you will be moving from one place to the other. In case you need a private vehicle and a chauffeur, then this should be arranged earlier.

Also, you may need someone to walk you to some places. Come Travel Kenya has a good number of tour guides and rangers trained to specifically help you around.

You should communicate with the Travel Agent on such matters as the need for an interpreter or sign language specialist, or even a nurse aid in case you need one.


Enroll In The Smart Traveler Program


This is the site that helps you notify your embassy of your destination. In case of an emergency, it will be easier to find the help that need. Your embassy will also will have the information about you, filled in in a Traveler Information section.


Plan Your Snacks And Meals


You could be having a special diet. This is important information and your Travel Agent should have it before you arrive at your destination. This will help them to plan your meals with the hosting hotel.

You are also advised to pack dry snacks that you can comfortably snack on while on a safari or away from your hotel. If you have allergies or important food information, your hotel and agent should be informed in advance.


Ensure To Enjoy Your Trip


You are out on a trip to have fun and relax. Nothing should be in your way of doing just that. Communicate, keep an open mind and maximize your vacation. A lot has gone into planning already, so ensure you deliberately do everything possible, go to all places you have in mind, and be fulfilled.


There you have it – don’t ever stay back again. Plan your trip well with the help of Come Travel Kenya.

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