15 Spectacular Places And Things To Do In Malindi

Writer: Emily Wekulo

Imagine snacking on crispy crabs and crab samosa as you take in the sunset on the most beautiful beaches. Malindi town is 120 km Northeast East of Mombasa. It sits stately on the banks of the Galana River.

Do you fancy amazing seafood, camping by the beaches, snorkeling, boat rides, and starry nights on the balconies of luxurious hotels and resorts, Malindi should be your next destination.

Come Travel Kenya has put up mind-blowing travel itineraries that allow you to turn Malindi inside out, experiencing the town’s epic tourist locations that will leave you sweetly satiated on your vacation.

Ranging from exotic beaches, pristine clear waters, marine parks, historical richness, archeological sites, Swahili cuisines, and rich Swahili cultures, Malindi town will give you the trip of your life.

Below are the top 15 places to visit and things to do on your trip to Malindi town:

Malindi Marine National Park

marine park

The marine park is next to Malindi Beach. It has exquisite marine resources with a prolific marine life. The fringing reefs, coral gardens, and mangroves are a breathtaking sight. Here you can snorkel, go for the glass bottom boat rides, and camp on Malindi Beach. If you are looking for an extreme marine experience, then the Malindi Marine National Park is your place.

Watamu Beach

Watamu Beach is pristine. The white sands, turquoise water, and landscapes look like they were pulled from a novel.  Many people come to swim sunbath and windsurf. You can also camp on the beach and have a romantic picnic in the sunset.  This is the perfect love spot.

Watamu Marine Park

This is home to over 600 fish species. It is the first aqua park in Kenya. The marine park is a splash of color and aquatic explosion. No one can describe how beautiful Watamu Marine Park is using words, you have to see and take it in.  Come Travel Kenya has special packages for Watamu. Come and feed turtles and dugongs.

Gedi Ruins

Gedi ruins

Gedi is in the depths of Arabuko Sokoke Forest. It is believed to be an archeological site and a settlement of the Swahili tribes in the 13th century. The ruins are rich in mystery and have been a great archeological site for years.

Arabuko Sokoke National Park

This is the largest dry coastal forest in East Africa. The forest is a venue of mysterious cultural practices and is home of so many animal species. Here you will find a good number of exotic bird species. Come; let us plan a nature walk or camping in the forest.

Mayungu Public Beach

Pristine waters. Crystal white sands. They say the waters of Mayungu have a calming therapeutic effect. The beach is a public one and sometimes there will be many people on the beach. Mayungu is very picturesque. It is 8 km south of Malindi. You can go for walks along the beach or set up a group camp here.

Marafa Hell’s Kitchen

Also known as ‘Nyari’ meaning broken by itself. The heat is what makes it a hell’s kitchen. At Marafa, sacred mysterious rituals take place and if you are the kind of person, attracted to the paranormal phenomena, a slice awaits here.

Normally, it is a naturally artistic site, curved out of sandstones. The most beautiful sunsets are in this mini-canyon.

Mida Creek

We are talking about a whopping 32 Kilometers wide inlet. All aqua fun is found here – boating, fishing, and snacking on crabs and crab samosas. Feeding sea turtles is an adventure of its kind.  Dinner at the Crab Shack restaurant –is the ultimate experience.

Bio Ken Snake Park

snake park

The largest reptiles in East Africa are found in this research center. It is also the largest snake park in East Africa. If you want an overflow of adrenaline, Come Travel Kenya has a dose for you.

Takwa Ruins

This is a well-preserved 14th to 15th Century town. History enthusiasts have enjoyed being here. It is a curious place, scenic and rich. You will take the most beautiful pictures of history in this place.

Vasco Da Gama Pillar

vasco dagama

This is the most visited place in Malindi. The Vasco Da Gama Pillar is a historic symbol. It stands in the most scenic place in Malindi. When at the pillar you can have a breathtaking view of the entire Malindi town. If you are looking for landscapes that strike your creative juices into an overflow, the Vasco Da Gama Pillar is the place to be.

The edifice stands erect and made up of coral stone and topped by a star made of Lisbon stone.

Kipepeo Market

Come buy butterflies and moth pupae at Kipepeo Market. In my opinion, this market is home to organic everything. They sell organic honey and silk. Fashion enthusiasts, designers, and dressers of high-profile personalities have yet to explore this silk market. Everything on this market is organic and from the Arabako Sosoke Forest.  If you do not want to buy anything, you can take pictures of the beautiful and exotic butterflies.

The Falconry

Let us talk bird! The Malindi falconry is home to falcons, eagles, hawks, and more than 200 exotic bird species. Pack a camera and a telescope, besides the courage to have an eagle perch on your arm. Did I mention that the oldest owls reside here? The 200-year-old tortoise is also a resident of the Malindi falconry. At the falconry, you will have a chance to check out some of the largest reptiles in Kenya.  There is a snake chamber here as well.

Portuguese Chapel

The St. Francis Xavier Chapel is more than 500 hundred years old. It is both the largest and the oldest in East Africa. Vasco Da Gama himself, on the seafront of Malindi, built it. The location of the chapel gives you a chance to have the most scenic view of Malindi town. Its humongous presence is both awe-striking and mysterious. The feeling you get while in the chapel, can only be experienced, not described with words.

Malindi Museum


The Malindi Museum is home to ancient music and artwork. The galleries display the art that will take you back into the early centuries. You will not believe how the Swahili and Arabs created music in those days. The Malindi Museum is home to rich history as well. Fashion enthusiasts have previously found inspiration in the Malindi Museum.

Malindi is a richer slice of Mombasa. If you are looking for luxury, exotic moments, beautiful experiences, landscapes, and the best weather, reach out to Come Travel Kenya. Your days in Malindi will be planned for you. You do not know the beauty of life until you have been to Malindi: Karibu Malindi.

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