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Tips On Travelling Alone In Kenya, In 2024

Writer: Emily Wekulo

At some point, you are going to get tired of crowds. You could be already experiencing a social burnout and you probably just want to go away alone.

Work and colleagues are sometimes overwhelming. What about a getaway to a quiet place, alone?

Is motherhood or fatherhood overwhelming you? Do you want to get away for a few days and catch your breath? This does not mean you don’t love your children. Travelling alone will help you get back your sanity.

Come Travel Kenya is giving you reasons to travel alone in 2024 and more than ten places that you can visit alone in Kenya. Most importantly, you get tips on travelling alone in 2024.

Here are reasons why you should travel alone often:

Travelling alone

  • For soul searching: You probably just need to find your true self.
  • You travel alone to take a break from the rest of the world.
  • To heal from a heartbreak or disappointment. Come Travel Kenya has packages for magical places that will heal your wounds.
  • To freshen up after extremely hard work. Rest is all you need sometimes.
  • To take a break from chaos: City life can be so chaotic. It is packed with people and things. You could be looking for silence and serenity. Kenya is the home of serenity.
  • To find epiphany. Not much can be said about this. It is a personal moment.
  • To seek purpose – people have found their purpose on top of mountains. Mount Kenya is waiting…
  • To find love. You are tired of being alone? Find love in Mombasa. You better come alone.
  • You could travel alone to see the world with a keener eye. The Masai Mara is vast enough for that eye.
  • Are you a religious person? There are several pilgrimaging points here in Kenya. a journey of spirituality is a lone one.
  • To respond to a call of charity and do good to humanity. Some people love doing this alone.

These are just a few of the many reasons that make people want to go on a journey alone. Travelling alone requires good preparation and courage. Are you courageous enough to set out to unknown places on your own? Do you know what you need to do to safely travel alone?

Here are some tips on how to travel alone:

solo travel

  1. Pack Properly: What should be in your travel pack when you travel alone:
  2. Your up-to-date travel documents: these include your passport, travel visa, COVID-19 certificate, yellow fever certificate, travel insurance details, your travel agent details, your driving license and details of a contact person in case of emergency.
  3. All-weather kind of clothing. Kenya can be cold and warm in one day. Though it never gets so frozen, throwing in a few sweaters and having many T-shirts and shorts for the safaris will be awesome. Pack some boots if you are planning a hike. When you travel alone, try as much as possible to travel light.
  4. Have some liquid cash and your credit cards: Your travel agent should help you understand the prices of some basic items you may need.
  5. A water bottle – if you are planning a trek or safari, you will need to hydrate.
  6. Sunscreen – Kenya has the sun.
  7. A power bank – you may need to charge your phone while in the wild.
  8. A flashlight – just in case you want to check out the caves.
  9. Basic drugs – painkillers, stomach relievers, pain gel, etc. Have something like a small first aid kit for yourself, just in case you get hurt and no one is around.

Once you have your bags packed, where do you go? Come Travel Kenya has picked a few places that a solo traveller will enjoy visiting. They are quiet, serene, and off the radar if that is what you are looking for. But if you want to get lost in a crowd then you will start with:

Mombasa –

This is Kenyas best destination. You will drown your woes in the Indian Ocean with a swim. Diani Beach has a healing aura about it. Its pristine beauty is inspiration enough. Besides, you can choose from, taking nature walks in parks, going to marine parks, visiting historical sites, taking your taste buds on a cuisine trip, engaging in aqua-sports like boating, snorkeling, and visiting marine parks among others. If you are looking for extreme fun on the sandy, sunny and picturesque beaches, then Mombasa should be your first stop. Turtle Bay is one of those places.


Malindi and Lamu –

Just like Mombasa, Malindi is endowed with private beaches and exotic hotels. Here, you will be looking for luxury. If you want to spoil yourself with some amazing sceneries, the best Swahili cuisines, and luxurious hotel services – then Malindi is the place to go. Lamu is also beautiful. It is the best choice for history lovers. If you travel for profound solitude and deep soul searching, the quiet Lamu is your place. Come Travel Kenya will always help you pick.

solo travel

Small Conservancies and Parks –

Besides the Masai Mara, Tsavo and Amboseli, Kenya has other small Parks and Conservancies that will help you unwind. They are tiny slices of paradise. Olpejeta is one of those. Samburu National Park is another. The Reserves on the Hilly Taita Taveta, are epic. Come Travel Kenya is in collaboration with many such small intimate parks where you can share a cup of coffee with the gentle giraffes.


The Kenyan Countryside –

Nanyuki is a countryside gem. The farms, the horses, the endless rolls of acres of land. If you pick on Nanyuki, then go all the way to Nyahururu and get lost in the misty Thompson Falls.


Lone Road Trip Around The Great Rift Valley

Driving from Nairobi, down the Great Rift Valley is quite an experience. Come Travel Kenya has mapped out places and stopovers in the Great Rift Valley that will have you wishing for an endless drive.

solo traveller

The Nairobi City Tour

I know, you could be running from the City Chaos. Nairobi has many hiding spots; you will never know you are in the city. Did you know there is a National Park in the city? Nairobi National Park is one of the most serene places, besides the Nairobi Arboretum Sanctuary. The Best country clubs are in Nairobi and its environs. At Blixen, your thirst for solitude will be quenched, and you can always go up the Ngong Hills to throw your cares to the wind.

Alternatively, you can always hide in a crowd. Nairobi City is home to epic nightlife. Come pick your vice, after all, nobody knows you here… right?


Lake Victoria

How about waking up to a beautiful sunrise with the hippos breathing softly on Kiboko Bay? Or even better, taking a tour around East Africa on Lake Victoria? Imagine a whole island for yourself.

solo traveller

Lake Bogoria Spa Hotel

Come Travel Kenya is promising you a swim in warm spring. The swimming pools in Bogoria Spa are filled with water from the bubbling springs of Lake Bogoria. This is an exotic place to get away to.

Loile Springs in Turkana

Here you can have a whole spring to yourself. The trip to Turkana itself is a wonder. Then there is Loile, a beautiful beach-like oasis. The waters of Loile look like clear crystals flowing. Very few people visit here because of the distance, that’s why I said you can have a whole spring to yourself.


Bird Watching in Kakamega Forest

Kakamega forest is the ultimate destination of solitude. It will be you, with the monkeys, baboons, butterflies, your camera and birds. If you are looking for freshness and a sigh of relief, Kakamega is the place for you. When you have your energy back, you can grab a chance to watch an adrenaline-gushing kind of bullfighting, at Bukhungu Stadium.


Travelling alone is a profound experience. Remember to keep safe and always have your Travel agency’s 24-hour contacts if you need help. Come Travel Kenya is your most reliable Travel Agency in Kenya.

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