8 Amazing Facts About The Chonyi Of Kenya

The Kenyan Coast has always been the dream destination for many tourists. It is a beautiful place. The Ocean is a magical treat, in addition to the ocean, white sands, exquisite cuisines and most importantly, the most hospitable people and the amazing coastal experience.

The Kenyan Coast is laced with a good number of tribes. The Mijikenda make up the largest tribe, a combination of nine subtribes.

Come Travel Kenya has already introduced you to the Giriama – one of the largest tribes among the Mijikenda. It is time to meet the smallest tribe, with a very rich and mysterious culture – the Chonyi.

The Chonyi are famously known for their sweet music and tantalizing cuisines besides the Mvula Rain Making sect that is most revered. Below are 8 facts that Come Travel Kenya compiled for you. You can always encounter the Chonyi in person, Come Travel Kenya can plan that for you:

Do you love Paranormal? Chonyi People exhume the dead for rituals


You read it right. If you love horror stories that are close to truth, and paranormal does not give you jibes, read on. Later, contact Come Travel Kenya and plan a trip to witness, or better hear the tales from the horse’s lips.

The Wazee, (old men), also known as Watu wa Mvua (Rain people) are the most revered men from the Chonyi tribe and the rest of the coastal tribes. They are known to be the protectors of the Chonyi. They do it using rituals, which entail exhuming a cadaver and including parts of it in a meal they share. If you thought witchcraft was not real, the Chonyi will prove you wrong.

Is it a cult? You will have to find out on your own on the ground. Come Travel Kenya got you on that.

Chonyi People originated from Shungwaya

somali coast

Shungwaya is North of the Somali Coast. Their main enemies are the Oromo- another amazing tribe from the coast. The Oromo have kept pushing the Chonyi away and now they are settled in small Kayas along the Coastal Ridge.

Come Travel Kenya is set to get you to the villages to have the Kaya experience.

Music and Dance for the people and gods

The Chonyi people have a special type of music that they play on a Xylophone. They call it ‘Chiring’ong’o.  It is the most therapeutic sound you will ever listen to.  The beats are intricate and the dance very systematic. The songs are only played on request by renowned Chiring’ong’o players. It is a delight to listen to the music, watch the dances and down chilled local palm brew.

Come Travel Kenya offers amazing coastal tours and interacting with the Chonyi is one of the best experiences.

The Chonyi are the Smallest but the most feared tribe on the Kenyan Coast

As mentioned earlier, the Mvula Sect is the reason Chonyi is feared by all the coastal tribes. They are believed to be lethal witches who bring pain and misery to those who cross their path. This could be true or false. There is only one way of finding out – A trip to the Kenyan Coast, arranged by Come Travel Kenya.

The Chonyi Special Rodent Delicacy

cooked rat

You read that right, there is a tribe in Kenya that dine on rats and mice. The Kadzora Species is the delicacy that leaves many mouths gaping in surprise when served but later, wet with a desire for more after tasting it. I am yet to taste the Kadzora rat but it is on my bucket list – I must.

Come Travel Kenya offers you an opportunity to taste a Kadzora roasted with a special technique they call Pambo. I bet you will enjoy it!

This is not the only Chonyi delicacy, these small tribe has a whole set of 22 traditional dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

The Chonyi, a population of less than 200,000 polite, and extremely hospitable yet mentioned in whispers are a tribe you want to interact with. If you are enthusiastic about indigenous tribes, then this is a place to start.

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