10 Reasons Why Kenya Is The Best Holiday Destination In 2024.

Writer: Emily Wekulo.

Do you have your 2024 vacation wish list up your wall already? Have you considered Africa as your destination in 2024?  Have you thought of the Country you want to visit in 2024? Kenya would be the best country to Visit in 2024.

Kenya has always been the country that cultivates love, inspires curiosity and gets tour adrenaline working round the clock. It has an amazing topography, the best weather and is on top of tourism charts regarding adventure and hospitality.

Writing about Kenya’s intentional efforts to foster responsible tourism, might end up being an understatement. Moreover, defining the cultures of the numerous tribes of Kenya is injustice. You have to be here, to see, feel, interact and make your judgement.


Here are reasons you should be making Kenya your 2024 destination:


Kenya is the Country of Love


Many people find love in Kenya. There is charm in the weather and the cool breezes from lakes and oceans. If she doubts you and you want a quick yes when you go down on your knee, bring her to Mombasa. The yes will go across the ocean, beyond the Fort Jesus.

On the other hand, if he is not asking yet, plan a trip to Mount Kenya. Bring him to the tree house that Queen Elizabeth was perched on as she watched herds of elephants come to a watering hole. Here she was proclaimed the queen, after her father’s demise. The Late Queen Elizabeth visited Kenya as a princess, and five days later, she was crowned Queen, together with the love of her life, Prince Philip who looked ravishing in his white naval uniform.

Who knows? You could become the queen of his life here.

The best honeymoon destinations in Africa are in Kenya. Kenya has a naturally romantic aura, to it. Doing a love safari will rekindle the sparks of your love. Broken hearts get mended on the coastal beaches of Malindi.

2024 should be the year you find, rekindle and bask in love in Kenya.


Kenya’s Weather in 2024 is predicted to be Spectacular


Towards the end of 2023, the rains were heavy. The metrological department is predicting less rain in the early months of 2024, and a lot of sunshine and warmth.

Much rain will be experienced in March, April, and May through June. July could be very cold. August, September, October, and November could be spread with moderate rain and lots of sunshine. December is usually warm.  see why you should be making Kenya your destination in 2024. 2024 will have the best weather.

The best weather means amazing safaris, starry nights and hiking on Mount Kenya will be Epic. Camping will also be out of this world in Kenya this year. The fauna and Flora will be spectacular and in large numbers.

You don’t want to miss out on the best time to visit Kenya ever – 2024.


In 2024, Kenya Prides Itself in a Solid Political Atmosphere.


The Kenyan Republic is currently enjoying a very stable political environment. There have not been political squabbles in months now and there is no sign that there will be any this year.

The opposition is calm and the government is committed in delivering its mandate to the people. People on the other hand are more focused on making ends meet. This way, the political talk is way calmer than before.

You will enjoy your safety in any locality in Kenya. No area is politically volatile and most tourist attractive areas are peaceful. This is an indicator that Kenya is one of the safest countries in Africa.

Don’t wait for 2026 or 2027, then the political atmosphere will be different. The perfect time to visit Kenya is now – 2024.


Kenya is deliberate on matters of Climate Change


As I type, the Kenyan Government is committed to planting millions of trees in the next five years. This is in line with the global climate change initiatives. Kenya is also at the forefront of the campaigns spearheading climate change in Africa.

On matters of climate, the tourism sector of Kenya plays a huge role. The sector has numerous activities that will involve tourists on this matter, throughout 2024. You want to be a part of this historic moment. Come Travel Kenya, and participate in making the earth a better place in a unique way.


Kenya is the number one Supporter of Responsible Tourism in Africa.


Currently, the Kenya Government is keen on responsible Tourism. In 2024, the measures will go a notch higher. You will be recognized when you impact the environment that you visit and most importantly the people that you touch.

Tourism Companies and Agencies have been urged to incorporate the most important rules of responsible tourism whenever they bring in guests. Come Travel Kenya is at the forefront in matters ensuring this is done.

Kenya is one of the few countries in Africa that let the communities that are affected directly by tourism benefit from it. Your Vacation in Kenya in 2024 could just help put a needy child through school. Come find out.


Kenyan Borders are Fluid.


Most Countries have put restrictions on their borders and getting in could be hectic. You don’t go through much of a hustle when visiting Kenya. Chances that at some point, visiting in 2024 could be Visa free and very high. (This will be confirmed)

You need your valid Passport, Visa, Covid Certificate and the Yellow Fever certificate and you are good to go. There is no complication at the border as long as your papers and luggage are clear.

Come to a hustle-free country and enjoy your tour in all parts of the country.


Kenya has the most qualified Travel Operators and Reliable Travel Agents

travel agency

Come Travel Kenya will be your number one Travel Agent. The Tour Guides and Operators from the senior most to the juniors are highly qualified. You will receive 24/7 service throughout your stay in Kenya. The hotel industry is also stellar. Camping is organized by trained rangers and the wilderness is perfectly safe for the Safaris.

Your Travel Agency is always responsible for your well-being until the end of your visit. If you want to travel with peace of mind, then Come Travel Kenya has your needs at heart in 2024.


Kenya is a Child-Friendly Destination


Many at times people wonder if their children will be safe in some countries. In Kenya, children are protected by law and instinct. There are hundreds of tour destinations that are child-friendly. You will cruise through the savannah with your children without fear or care. You will camp with your children and they will have an epic time. They will be safe.

Many hotels offer children amenities including swimming pools and fanfares. Your Child’s food will be prepared as you request. You will need your tour operator to give you details of the places you are touring and confirm to you that your children will be safe.

Come Travel Kenya is an expert in ensuring you are booked in places where your children will be safe.


There will be more Air BnBs and Hotels in Kenya, in 2024.

bed and breakfast

Many people have ventured into Air BnBs and there are so many competitive, well-furnished Classy neighborhoods. 2024 seems to be a good year for business and that makes the service providers improve on their trade.

Come Travel Kenya ensures that the places you will be offered and checked and fit your needs and standards. Come Travel Kenya also negotiates the best deals for you.

You can sample hotels, lodges and suites in various towns as guided by your tour agent.


Kenya remains the Best Safari Destination in Africa in 2024


This has been on for years: Kenya is the best Safari Destination and will be in the next many years. The astounding wildlife, spectacular landscapes, the cultures and the fact that it is the cradle of civilization are just but a few reasons as to why Kenya stays at number one.

The numerous lakes, the Indian Ocean, The Great Rift Valley, and the Cosmopolitan bustle of Nairobi make Kenya a Wild Traveler’s Destination.

If you have not read about the beauty of the Masai Mara, its incredible biodiversity and its finest conservation programs, then here is a chance to experience the whole of it firsthand.

Ever been to a luxury tented camp? No? Pick your phone and contact Come Travel Kenya. The Mara awaits.

The Amboseli, Samburu National Park, Tsavo National Park, Malindi Marine National Park and Mount Kenya awaits.

The Kenyan Coast is going to be crystal in 2024 because of the beautiful weather anticipated. Hotels are venturing into more cultural cuisines and tantalizing tongue adventures. Kenyans just got more creative.

2024 is packed with fun and extreme adventure. Do you need more convincing? Come Travel Kenya is here to give you the vacation of your life in Kenya, this year. Choose Kenya in 2024!

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