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Top 5 Valentine Destinations In Kenya.

Wrapping a gift, and buying wine and teddies, flowers and perfume are great Valentine’s Day ideas. Buying socks and ties, cufflinks and shirts have worked well in the past. Have you tried gifting your loved one an experience?

Experiences make love special. Experiences in Kenya, this Valentine’s Day will leave your love blazing. Have you made plans already? Come Travel Kenya has lined up special packages and offers that will blow your mind and take your love to another level. Here are a few things you can do this Valentine’s Day in Kenya.


Couples Safari in the wild

valentine safari

A couples’ drive in the savannah has always been the dream for many. Come Travel Kenya has lined up amazing Safari Packages for lovers. Have you watched the Kilimanjaro while in the Amboseli? Have you been to Tsavo?

The intriguing Big Five, the diverse fauna and flora and the intensity of the whole wilderness experience are what your love needs.

Come make love, to the tunes of roaring lions and the melodies of singing birds.


Love on the beach

love in a beach

Kenya is widely known for its beautiful beaches. No Country in Africa matches the splendor of the Kenyan Crystal Beaches. The whole Coastal life is like love on a pedestal. You gift your loved one a trip to Mombasa, and it is guaranteed that she or he will want a Malindi in 2025, a Lamu in 2026 and a Happily Ever After on Diani Beach.


Test your love strength on the Mountains


The beautiful Glacier Lakes on Mount Kenya have always been honeymooning destinations for adrenaline junkies. Test the strength of your lover’s patience with a hike on Mount Kenya. You will come down stronger at heart, literally and metaphorically.


Does your sweetheart love birds?

bird watchers

A whole day, rolling in the grass and watching birds in the thickets of Kakamega forest is not a bad idea at all. Kenya’s forests and conservancies have very unique bird species that bird lovers can never get enough of.

Getting a lover, or a bird poster card is okay. Bring one to the birds, is a whole different kind of experience. Unforgettable!


Lakeside couples camping


A getaway to Lake Elementaita is the dream. Swimming in the warm waters of Lake Bogoria is on another level. Kiboko Bay on Lake Victoria is another top-notch destination. Alternatively, you can visit the floating library on Rusinga Island.

In other words, Kenya is home of so many lakes, each with a unique aura around it. You may want to sample every year, or a good number of them on Valentine’s Weekend. It starts on Wednesday this year.


Fancy love on the Road?

love in the road

Do you love long winding roads? Drive into the horizon on the Mara Road. Kenyan roads that lead to beautiful destinations are lined up with scenic landscapes and viewpoints. You can choose the hilly Great Rift Valley or the flat Plateaus.

You drive through the winding green of Kericho tea estates. Everything and anything you and your loved one need is available in Kenya.


Tiny Luxury Lodges

Some small parks and conservancies have tiny tree houses that are cozy and intimate.  This is a place to find new love or heal from the pain of love. Come Travel Kenya will organize a tiny luxury that will change your life.


Love and Food Could Epic

Sampling cuisines is an amazing way of spending Valentine’s. Nairobi offers various cultural foods ranging from Kenya Cuisines to Cuisines from the rest of Africa. Have you tried Egyptian Spaghetti yet? Did you know termites can make a delicacy? Bring your love to Kenya and have your taste buds singing melodies.


The Best Way to Love is to Spread it with Kindness


Visiting an animal orphanage, a conservancy or a slum is a great way of spreading love. Come Travel Kenya has a lineup of charity activities that you can take on as you visit Kenya this Valentine’s Day. You can go to the depths of the Korogochio slum and touch a life together with your loved one. You can also visit Adopt an Elephant at Nairobi Animal Orphanage.

All these or most of the above suggestions can be executed in the following top 5 Romantic destinations in Kenya.


Sabuk Lodge

The Drive to Sabuk Lodge is unforgettable. It is a haven tucked away in the Laikipia plateau. Here you will be in the vicinity of the Amboseli National Park and you can enjoy the Safaris here.

The best bit of it is watching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, listening to the tunes of the flowing Ewaso Nyiro River and the bunch of activities offered at the lodge. You will be able to ride horses, go a Carmel Ride, go for excursions and even take a hike on Kansa Hills.

The game meat is something you don’t want to read about; you want to live it.


Tortilis Camp

This Camp is still close to Amboseli. It is home of about 1500 elephants some of which are the biggest in Africa. The game drives on Tortilis are the most romantic. Romantic picnics under the Acacia Trees is something else. Here you get a textbook experience.


Diani Beach

Diani is still the world’s most beautiful beach to date. The breeze, the pure white sands, the classy villa-style hotel and the picturesque landscapes are to die for. The Afrochic Villas have just ten cottages, meaning the earlier you book, the better.

If they don’t fall in love with you, they will fall in love with Diani. Love is love…


Sarova Shaba Game Lodge

85 wooden cabins, fully furnished, with amazing views for lovers. This is situated on a natural Oasis in Samburu. Words cannot describe this place. Only an experience can.


The Sands at Nomad

This is on the South Coast of Kenya. Cuisines and Culture are everything here. Beautiful beaches, marine parks and a variety of water sports are the icing on the cake. Romance by the ocean is an experience to live for!

Don’t fret about this Valentine’s Day. Come Travel Kenya has it all planned for you.

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